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First Aid Five is the UK’s most comprehensive first aid brand offering both online and in-person training

Behind The Brand

We’re much more than a training company. We’re fuelled with a passion to make first aid training more accessible and easier to learn. Currently over 90% of the UK population have no first aid training and over a quarter of deaths from accidents and emergencies could be avoided if more people knew first aid.

Why First Aid Five? Well we know if you learn key principles across five main areas of first aid, then you will be well prepared to deal with most medical emergencies.

So, First Aid Five was born as a unique online course that allows you to learn first aid anytime from your mobile or desktop, recognising that whilst most people would love to learn first aid, they just don’t have time to attend a course.

The success of the brand has stimulated demand for more in-person training, so we also now run courses for the public, schools and businesses in our home of the north-west of England. We even run kids parties where we combine magic and first aid to introduce first aid training in a fun way for children aged four upwards.

What We Offer

Online Training


Our online training course is unique with no comparable product existing in the UK today. The course teaches first aid through bite-size modules with lots of video content and fun quizzes. And everyone who completes the course receives a highly respected CPD accredited certificate!

In-Person Training


We are delighted that our online course has stimulated appetite for in-person first aid training. We now run courses for the general public as well as informal and formal certificated training for schools and businesses. These are currently available in Manchester and Cheshire.

Magic First Aid Parties


Tired of the same choices for your child’s birthday party? Want to do something unique that is fun yet informative? First Aid Five combines the fun of magic while introducing first aid learning in an enjoyable way. Currently available across Manchester and Cheshire.

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You never know when you might need those vital skills to keep someone alive, why not train with First Aid Five to be armed with a highly respectable skill. Fuelled with a passion for care and first aid, we’ve established First Aid Five to help people from all walks of life learn everything there is to know about first aid.